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  1. Leslie Guarino says:

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  2. Lane Gaspar says:

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  3. RazorFX says:

    geothermal energy is the key!

  4. Glen Hesketh says:

    Peurto Rico power stations are $9,000000,000 in Dept because of corruption

  5. Eric Strid says:

    This is a 2011 documentary from the David Koch Science Hour, aka Nova. It is technologically obsolete and, like all Nova shows, it is subtly aimed at distracting us from our most urgent problem, namely getting off of fossil fuels. The US spends around $2600 per person per year on fossil fuels, not counting around $20B of government subsidies. Oil, and then natural gas, will go the way of coal companies–bankrupt–as we ramp up solar and wind generation and electric vehicles. Nuclear is on a negative learning curve and will be increasingly uncompetitive.

  6. Kolumbus Deroil says:

    The fact that we still use coal and oil PROVES religious people are mentally inferior. They are the majority of the planet and the planet is failing. This is not a coincidence.

  7. D Plus says:

    Can not believe how they still include Nuclear as a solution, some humans are still in the stone age and never learn. Using Nuclear as a solution todays is the same old 'under the carpet' strategy as by the next century generation the problems will be radioactive waste , this without even mention the terror of Chernobyl, Fukushima. Nuclear can not handle nature hurricane, Nuclear must be out, at least for us lovers of clean air and a fresh clean breeze by the sea…#lol

  8. Morten Henriksen says:

    Just plant more trees problem solved. Thay always have to make evert thing so complicated.

  9. Mani Bisural says:

    call u give tree free for all human in earth

  10. Mani Bisural says:

    uas make earth green fast

  11. Mani Bisural says:

    u all salfish in nepal lostof enargay

  12. RichardMJ R says:

    TLDR : This is NOT a BBC Documentary, it is a PBS Doc from 2011, "Power Surge". Shame on uploader for telling a LIE.

  13. André Grégoire says:

    Will the profit ethic trump the survival of humanity. EH!

  14. Nicky Morris says:

    Why is the methane problem so rarely mentioned?

  15. Molly Bancroft says:

    actually man (humans) can save us from climate change. Technology is not external to us – we need to move away from coal and oil, for sure. It's so obvious it's sickening. But innovations are only coming from those who are willing to not see immediate profit. Coal is like old white politicians. Time to go.

  16. Brainbuster says:

    17:26 China generates 69% of its electricity from coal, not "80%."

  17. Steven K Harrison says:

    All well and good but promoting nuclear is a fail. We do not know how to get rid of the waste because it's dangerous for 10,000 years. Renewables are the only way to go.

  18. Silence says:

    When it comes to nuclear power, the question is not just how safe it is, the first question is, what to do with the radioactive waste. The total cost of the current solutions is in no relation to any of the other options we already have. There simply is no carefree place to store radioactive waste.

  19. ephoenix7 says:

    what year was this made?

  20. Nikolaos Peterson says:

    Nice PBS documentary! (sorry but NOT BBC here)! One thing as usual for AMERICAN documentaries is the total AVOIDANCE of connecting electricity and railway together! here trains were only mentioned one — under fossil fuel category. Electric? ONLY EVs which are fine and dandy of course. But again, absolutely NOTHING in regard of using CLEAN produced to power railways such is being done on the majority of this planet! China, Russia, Japan, Europe, and Oceania are developing their electrified railway infrastructure. Even India has been on a total massive railway electrification project!

    Why can't Central and North America? Makes no sense whatsoever! This is propaganda as to further indoctrinate the American public that it is somehow considered to be ' inefficient to run trains from city to city by means of green produced electricity! Just look at rest of developed world, somehow such has PROVED itself to indeed wind up being EFFICIENT!

    WHY on Earth would that not be the case in Central and North America? In fact over the decades since railway electrification came to be (partly invented in America and in Germany) especially the USA has DE-electrified her intercity railway infrastructure by over a HALF! I know the answer unlike Southeast Asia where money is the stumbling block, in Central and North America it is the total LACK OF WILL! Hence CORPORATE GREED by the petro-chemical industry and the motorcar industry, while we are at it!

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