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This video will review some of the best practices for battery selection. Visit us online at – Video is for basic product information only.

Note: This video is not intended to speak negatively / discourage the use of Interstate Batteries. It is a best practice video for a successful system. As we suggest to out of state customers is the best battery you can get “locally” in your area is the Interstate 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries which are easy to obtain at any Interstate Battery Dealer in your area, or if you are a member of “Costco” stores they have a complete selection of Interstate Batteries at the best pricing. I personally have Interstate Batteries in my car and truck but not in my Solar System, they are a great brand but their 12 volt line of “car, marine, rv and boat deep cycle batteries” will hinder your solar storage abilities.

Solar Penny is not liable for personal or property damage / injury caused by products in videos. Always seek the assistance of a licensed contractor for installation of electrical products. Contact your local building department to ensure your system meets current city, county and / or state codes.
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EASY SOLAR set up for off grid living. This is a video we did this winter to walk thru our REAL LIFE SOLAR SETUP. A setup that has worked for our house off the grid here for now five years!!
Many people are confused about solar. There are many resources out there but unfortunately MANY of them are not NOT NOT good solid advice thats EVEN RIGHT! SO BEWARE!!!! Every one with a camera and a set of panels doesnt mean they now have become instant experts in solar. SO remember that. Me and Mr Hilder have personally watched many channels GIVE poor advice and even dangerous advice that would cost a family alot of money if they CHOSE to follow it! Just sayn BE careful!
We have had solar for five years off the gird and then another five years ON THE GRID!!! We have done extensive research and have talked to many experts. So we arent just making this stuff up! WE are here for you to give you the right advice that is practical frugal and will save you tons in money and time!!

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22 Responses to Battery – Solar Battery Options

  1. SolarPennyStore says:

    Great Question – I am limited on space so I will try to answer your question the best I can . You can also call us anytime. For a standard PWM controller you will have to set it at the 12V / 24V or 48V settings. You will need to match your battery bank to the voltage. You will need a MPPT charge controller if you want to step down voltages to a lower level. If you are using 2 volt batteries you will need 6 of them for a 12 volt system, 12 of them for a 24v system and 24 of them for a 48v sy

  2. AnOhioPatriot says:

    So….If your wind PMA puts out 12/24 or 24/28 volts, what's the minimum number of 6 or 2 volt batteries required to start setting up battery storage, and how do you step down the voltage to charge the batteries ? Thanks

  3. Paul Pritchard says:

    Starry I am looking back and studying and after watching this 12 time I final have got it. I will set up the same system U have and face my house East to catch the morning sun and windows in the back to catch the West sun dropping.Ā  Thank U Paul North Georgia

  4. Pople BackyardFarm says:

    I would love to go solar. This was helpful. Thank you Starry šŸ™‚

  5. LWQ LWQ says:

    Another note – you may not need to invest to sine inverter because a huge count of devices are capable to work on low DC voltage… So you'll have better efficiency and lower cost…

  6. Carolyn Harmon says:

    Thanks! for sharing your know how.

  7. Joyce Barnett says:

    great video again. very informative. the scenery is just beautiful. I live by the Rockies in Colorado Spring Colorado and I just love it here. it feels like I am so much closer to God when I live here. when I get a chance I go into the mountains and I then feel really close to God. it is so peaceful and wonderful. Joyce

  8. Bonnie Burdine says:

    Hi Starry I just wanted to say that i think its so neat that you choose the path that you did with your Nordic looks tall blonde and beautiful i image doors of all types opened for you but you choose to be pretty on the inside which more often than not can be much harder path to follow and i think that its wonderful that you can do most things a man can do GIRL POWER Even with your faith i see that you dont act like your better than those who have picked a different path which i think has alot to do with why some christian loose the attenion of those they are trying to carry the message to God bless you Starry and protect you as you carry his message and thank you for sharing your life with me

  9. snowtigre1967 says:

    a few Questions Starry..
    — How Deep have you drained your Battery system..??
    If you don't take the batteries bellow 75% of Full charge your batteries should have a Life FAR in excess of what they quote for Life..
    – Are the Battery in a area where they are in constant temperature's. if the Batteries get too cold the charge they will hold is diminished..

  10. Woods NewsWatch says:

    Thank you GBY

  11. Paul Pritchard says:

    GREAT info, I have made notes I have a heavy mechanical background and have worked with batteries of all types and sizes and am learning more about solar and this helps.Ā  BlessingsĀ Ā  Paul & Susan North Georgia

  12. Keith Brookshire says:

    This answers EXACTLY the question I was pondering yesterday. Thank you for the "101" info.

  13. seagnat prepper says:

    starry … how big was your magna sine inverter?

  14. HollyAR75 says:

    Starry, do you use any air conditioning in the summer months?

  15. Black Dawg says:

    remember not to keep your batteries on the concrete floor.. concrete drains batteries.

  16. Charles bakker says:

    DEEL 1 ???

  17. Lourie Family Homestead says:

    Great overview. Could you recommend one or two good sources ( Books, websites ) That can break it down and show actual set-ups. We have the battery bank and charger and tri metric meter and pure sine wave inverter. We want to wait to get the panels until we get there so we do not have to transport. The batteries are wired up and get charge to float status from on grid at this time to keep them happy. And we have had to use them once during a hurricane. We would like to do it ourselves, but you are correct, there are some channels that even we know are doing it wrong and it is not safe. Thank you my friends.:):)

  18. Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

    Interesting. I always thought the solar panels had to go on the roof. That looks like a very easy set-up compared to putting it on the roof.

  19. Freestyle Farming says:

    Starry, I am selling grade "A" polycrystaline solar panels 285 watts each for .50 per watt! No limit on the amount! I have other panels available and any equipment needed to complete a whole system, the above panels are just what I have available on special right now. Wanted to offer this to everyone who wants to purchase panels and get started or add to their systems. Contact me at with questions or requests and I will help in any way I possibly can. Thanks for your channel and all the great videos…Keep it up! We love to hear from you…..

  20. Traci Perdue says:

    Thanks for the info!!! Have a good afternoon!!!

  21. Nathan Warman says:

    I was using deep cycle lead acid ,still do have some ,I discovered Lead Acid Silver Alloy batteries ,they will hold a full charge for 2 years with no charger being attached to the batteries ,I would not myself recommend that you leave a battery idle for 2 years , They seem to give 2 times the power output for the same size and weight of other top of the line batteries .. They are called Alpha Cell Gold 215 ..These are the ones I now have ..Very pleased with them ..

  22. Jim NORRIS says:

    What ja doing starry. you put up the same Video Twice.

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