Are Solar Panels A Good Buy?

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solar panels
by Rob__

20 Responses to Are Solar Panels A Good Buy?

  1. Pat massey says:


  2. chuckwalla says:

    I wouldn't count on getting solid data from a solar guy.

  3. Amariah Invictus says:

    I made my money back in solar on DAY 1, and no I do not work for the panels people, the key is to find local contractors….. My flat pay/easy pay in $550, I bought a $42,500 system with 50 panels that generates 100% of my needs, I financed it and my finance payment is….you guessed it $550!!!! So instead of paying PG&E, I pay myself, and after 5 years my loan is gone, and $550 goes back into my budget, no money down……………

  4. Jake Williams says:

    Solar panels are a rip off for consumers even in California. Net metering means that you expect to get paid a full retail rate for something that only worth half of that. It is like going into a store and demanding the owner to purchase your goods at the same price that he would sell them in his store, even though you have not contributed to the cost of rent, advertising and employees. You are basically scamming your neighbors.

  5. 7828191 says:

    Solar just another scam like industrial wind turbines. Super useless and unreliable and a 100% environment destroying.

  6. Henry lever action says:

    Sounds like you need windmills

  7. Joshua S. says:

    This ain't the middle east. Nowhere near enough energy to power most homes. The Israelis have solar water heaters but Israel is very hot and sunny.

  8. Levi Hawk says:

    Does the utility company send you a check..No. Will the utility company send you a check later? No. So whatever you pay for your electrical service is spent for services used … no return on investment. Correct…. Correct ! So if you spend money on anything.. renewable solar energy…for example…is there a cost of owning it ? Yes… does it save you money ? Yes…How…does it save you money? It eventually is paid off…thus whatever it generates for the rest of it's life and yours…it saves you..which in turn pays you to use…Correct. So Dave… it is a net win… there is no down side… None ! Let us know when a car manufacture sends you a check after ten years of ownership… is the only thing you can buy that pays you to own it.. Nothing else does or ever will do that… So Go Solar ! Wind… etc. Go Renewable…you can't lose.

  9. judi young says:

    How would I find out information if I'm allowed to have solar? I'm at a loss at where to begin! Your help is greatly appreciated…I live on a mortgage free very small frame home in Tuttle, Okla. A country town spread out. Thank you!

  10. Zach Hawkins says:

    Peace of mind of not having an electric bill is a good enough investment for a lot of people.

  11. Rob F says:

    Tesla roofs are pretty interesting

  12. Lee B says:

    I live in the UK my friend has panels but I’m sure he’s kidding his self on the returns he gets he paid £12000 for his set up and at 65 years old I will be surprised if he gets his money back before he kicks the bucket .
    Yes he does put juice into the grid so at times his bills can be tiny but I have looked into these and even the best panels expect to only be 60% efficient after around 8 years.use the cheaper panels can be as low as 35% efficient that means the pay back time will get exponentially longer.
    The idea of free energy is tempting but imho enjoying the cash while you are fit enough to do so is more tempting as I get older.
    As for the environment, in the manufacturing of solar panels the photovoltaic cells usually are silicon tetrachloride in making them some very nasty pollution is taking place especially in the main manufacturing nation of China.
    Solar panels are good but not as good as the manufacturers selling them would have you believe.

  13. Landon Cash says:

    Imagine every house in Phoenix with solar panels.

  14. Tbagstealer says:

    🅱️etter than I 🅱️eserve

  15. Chris Baker says:

    Money saved with solar panels is tax free! On top of that it is good for the environment.

  16. sandy moonstone says:

    🍎 where do the dead batteries go. ? in your back yard ? 💀

  17. Tracey Hunold says:

    My husband and I are considering solar panels to run our full house. We are looking to fully power with them (hw, stove, all power). We live in northern New England and were wondering if solar power could heat a home with electric baseboard heat. Not currently using electric for heat as its pretty $$, but if solar could cover it, it might be worth getting rid of $150-$200 mo electric bill and $300-$400 mo heating bill. Thoughts?

  18. Ryan Simmons says:


  19. actorzone says:

    one saving is to pick the correct panels, fly by night crooks selling cheap solar panels cost some buyers who bought so investment time to recover overall costs is blown to pieces.

  20. Rick Owen says:

    Aside from potential $$$ saved, being more energy independent when there are power interruptions factors into 'wise.'

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