Air Conditioning On Off Grid Solar… Can It Be Done?

Can you run an air conditioner on an off grid solar setup? It’s not impossible as some may think. Requires a well designed and sized system.
Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course:

Off Grid Solar Basics

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20 Responses to Air Conditioning On Off Grid Solar… Can It Be Done?

  1. DIY Homestead Projects says:

    Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course:

  2. AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD says:

    Awesome video. Thank you for sharing. We hope to be running a split like yours by March.

  3. Bri Allen says:


  4. Justin Patterson says:

    Looks like I've gotta get busy saving up. This plan won't complete itself.

  5. Kovu Kumel says:

    So… I heard stuff about solar but mostly just enjoyed looking at him πŸ˜›

  6. logpile13 says:

    How many years before it pays for itself as compared to just using an lp gas or diesel generator and lp for cooking and heating. But I guess that's not the point cause you would be depend on fuel supplies, but this system is only as good as the battery life and procuring new batteries, oh well, 6 of one and half a dozen of another, in the end we're all screwed when shtf.

  7. Victor Lindellee says:

    what are the white pipes in the back with the black cabelled pucks?

  8. George Santiago says:

    What was the wattage rating of Γ«ach of your solar panels? You said installed 3 panels to create a string = ending with 5 strings for a total wattage into the charge controller of ? __ Also… What type of charge controller do you use?

  9. George Santiago says:

    hello there I really enjoyed your video was great. I have few Question and a reply would be very helpful for many people in need of Off Grid Power after a devastating Hurricane. What is the nominal voltage of each battery module, and how many amp hours per battery?

  10. JoeMason1981 says:

    Can you use truck batteries? Like the big diesel truck batteries instead of lithium ion

  11. Bruce Jewell says:

    About those hot tubs.. you can buy a portable type from Walmart for $340.00 and up. They are 110v and less than 30 amp.

  12. Alejandro Renteria says:

    when u say solar system, i imagine all the planets. #randomcomment

  13. fred durst says:

    Watch this video because if it happens you won't have to worry about money anymore.

  14. Rory Christel says:

    You've got the land, idk why you didn't do a geothermal heat pump to cool your home instead of a traditional phase-change AC.

    Cooling with a geothermal heat pump is 300-500% more energy efficient than a phase-change AC, and can be installed with a simple mini-excavator if you have sufficient land space to not need to drill wells.

  15. Dogmalogy says:

    there is an interesting product called Geyser R Heat pump from Nyle systems. It could be used to retrofit heating water in a typical hot water tank. the by product is cold air and condensation. Which got me thinking, using such device could give you two in one hot water and cold air for the same WAT buck.

  16. Ramesh Radhakrishnan says:

    Thank you for explaining the subject so well, clearly and unambiguously. Congratulations also on a well shot video where both the video and audio quality is good. It is very often irritating when you have to strain to what some others have to say on their videos.

  17. Salarfaji says:

    But do it worth the effort? Can this system stand for at least 20 years without changing the batteries?

  18. Darrin Jones says:

    You can also store extra compressed refrigerant in a series of manifold controlled tanks. Thus compressing refrigerant during peak solar output period and have zero issue with complete discharge and is much cheaper than batteries and last longer. Then batteries only have to power fans, logic board and solenoids for stored compressed refrigerant. Just a suggestion for larger spaces.

  19. KKVKS says:

    Interesting information. Thanks for sharing..

  20. Chuck Milliken says:

    One additional thing to keep in mind is instantaneous current. This primarily affects air conditioners and refrigerators, things with compressor motors. This is not the operating current, but the current needed just to start up the motor under load. Make sure your setup can handle these spikes in current, or you can risk damaging or at least shortening the life span of both your solar system and the devices you're trying to operate (worst case, it just won't start up at all). Battery wise, lithium oxide and lithium iron phosphate cells handle this the best, and usually give an impulse vs constant rating in "C" (where C is the capacity in amps, times the number. For example, 10C impulse, 3C continuous X 180AH cell = 1800 amps impulse, 540 amps continuous). In lead-acid, instantaneous current is the "cold cranking amps" rating. Edison batteries, don't bother. They'll power your lights and maybe your computer, but never give up enough current to start a compressor motor.

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