This video will show you what you need to set up a basic solar power system.

Our solar power setup is very simple but serves our current needs to light the interior of the container (4 LED bulbs) and to charge our cell phones, flashlights, power tool batteries and other rechargeables. This is a simple setup we recommend to anyone trying to start living off grid to get by day to day as you get more established. We expect to upgrade our solar system in the future depending on our power needs… we really would like to run a blender to get more creative in the (tiny) kitchen!

Our setup consists of:
375 watt solar panel
12V Battery
Charge controller

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by: Kevin MacLeod
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  1. S W says:

    Don't mix old and new batteries or different types, at a minimum use a DC voltmeter to see what your battery is at. A battery monitor will work better by giving you a gas gauge for your battery. Don't drain your battery lower than 12.1v or 50%. A typical lead battery really needs to charge around 14.8v depending on specs of manufacturer. Use a charge controller that allows you to custom set charge voltages. Your batteries will last longer. Use a circuit breaker between panel an controller and between controller and battery. They also act as a disconnect for servicing. Always connect battery to controller first then panels, when disconnecting panel is first then the battery. Be sure to oversize your wire from panels to controller taking into account the voltage loss and length, there's online calculators for it. A good idea is to use an exterior grey pvc electrical box on the roof as a junction box, screw to roof and caulk well with OSI Quad caulk. Then additions or changes are easier.

  2. Revital Aharon says:

    Your amazing young people! Good luck.

  3. Revital Aharon says:

    Can you cut windows in the shipping container? I've seen it done on YouTube.

  4. Gerry Huffman says:

    This book [link here>>>https://t.co/eSzViNZ6SY ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system

  5. Vendula Bádrová says:

    Hey guys again, wondering moving in in near future what neighborhood would you recommend (safest is the issue for us)? We have experience with MW a Fern Forest…. Peace 🙂

  6. ink blot says:

    Are you guys into free love/ ployamory? Crushing on you both, I will come live off grid w/ you both in Hawaii.

  7. Christen Jade Julian says:

    Where did you purchase your solar panel and whole set up? Was it in somewhere in Puna or Hilo?

  8. Frederick Henderson says:

    To save on power during the day you could add some "solar bottle bulbs" to your container to bring in light. Depending on the sunlight outside they are like adding a 40-65 watt bulb. Do a google search for them. They are very easy to make. Also if you could find 12VDC LED lights that would hookup directly your battery you could save the power that is wasted when the inverter is running and also the power lost in converting the energy from DC to AC (usually as heat). Inverters will use a small amount of power even when nothing is drawing power from them.

  9. Gregory Motta says:

    Got a like just for the flux capacitor

  10. KayeKayRN Mission: Homestead says:

    Good vid. Hey, I'm that old lady that's going to be hooking stuff up! LOLOLOL….too funny. "Flux capacitor " – whoa – ya talking old school. I think I was just out of high school when that movie came out, but you had me going for a minute. Thanks!

  11. ricky lahey says:

    flux capacitor.. hahaha. wonder how many people will fall for that, you said it so convincingly

  12. Joe O'Connor says:

    flux capacitor!!!! that's great.

  13. brian gorman says:

    good video team!

  14. mosheyoshi says:

    Very helpful! Thanks for the tip on connecting the panel last.

  15. Mirriulah Water Dog says:

    Verrrry interesting! But what's a flux capacitator and why is it necessary mate.

  16. P. VK. says:

    so if I take the plunge these are cool things to consider

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