5 Renewable Energy Gadgets You NEED To See

5 Renewable Energy Gadgets You NEED To See

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Spherical Solar http://www.rawlemon.com/
Vortex http://www.vortexbladeless.com/
Pocket Sun https://goo.gl/dfCyn2
Trinity Portable Wind Turbine http://www.janulus.com/
Nebia Shower https://nebia.com/
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18 Responses to 5 Renewable Energy Gadgets You NEED To See

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  3. melanie crock says:

    I have a Degree in Renewable Energy and this book [link here>>>https://t.co/WqSHhReOxS ] was required for the Solar Energy class. It is easy to read with good explanations. I would recommend to anyone.

  4. Mohamed Asik says:

    it's very very nice

  5. Mohamed Asik says:

    how to buy this….?
    plz any contact…. numbers…. send… me… my email id : bmasik@hotmail com

  6. Dreamcatcher_11_ says:


  7. Franco Mendez says:

    this are interesting gadgets.. its more like we need this in our daily life..

  8. delio rossi says:


  9. fleamarketmutt says:

    Impurities in water, lime, rust they're not an issue with the atomizing shower?

  10. Catchy Vibez says:

    what r the 5

  11. Omar Abdul Aziz says:

    I don't get what are the 5 Renewable Gadgets are

  12. D4LT0N says:

    heat? pffft just throw it in a fire.

  13. D4LT0N says:

    the first one is obsolete. you can make a cone like shape pointing into the sky and have solar panels placed all around the cone so it gets energy from the sun all day.

  14. Hulla Dek says:

    Hate this ads no numbers just hyping how grate the thing is what they did. But you wont know it unless you have the numbers.

  15. George Shovnadze says:


  16. arbonac says:

    So rawlemon created a smaller heliostat. Great, now what?

  17. badibalper15 says:

    por fin algun invento en español!!!
    nice video 😀

  18. anime adic GM says:

    see I knew it you post videos at 5 pm every time

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