49. Energy Storage, the Holy Grail of Renewable Energy

In four short years the energy storage market is expected to grow to be billion size. That’s according to Lux Research. We track two of the top Canadian companies in the space working to get a piece of that billion dollar pie. Renewable energy developers and grid operators everywhere are looking for cheap, scalable, reliable energy storage – when that happens there’s no telling how much renewable energy could be integrated into the grid.
Features interviews with:
Cam Carver, CEO of Temporal Power, creators of a 9,000-kb flywheel energy storage system;
Carmine Pizzurro, eCAMION, creators of Community Energy Storage Systems.
See also: Green Energy Futures: Episode 49: http://www.greenenergyfutures.ca/episode/49-energy-storage

20 Responses to 49. Energy Storage, the Holy Grail of Renewable Energy

  1. No Left Turns says:

    7 years later and this video is full of bull shit
    renuable energy can't compete with fossel fuels

  2. joeborza says:

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  3. Władca Wymiaru says:

    And NOW imagin something pierced this store ignite battery :
    What a shit technology!

  4. Edison Edwina says:

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  5. Evolution - Question Time says:

    How does it convert the accumulated spinning energy into electrical once more and what are the heat losses involved?

  6. Ninja 87 says:

    What ever happened to storing excess electricity as hydrogen?
    There was another inventor team that would split water into hydrogen and oxygen, compress and store the hydrogen, and then when needed light up an engine using hydrogen as the combustible to provide generator power.
    I don't know, it has been 3 years since this video and this is the first time I heard of either of the teams' projects.

  7. Rasputin says:

    The easiest way to store energy is to put a swimming pool in the basement. It won't store electricity but it will store heat.

  8. Greg Collins says:

    Both these technologies are way too expensive for large scale storage. Check out the Liquid Metal Battery by MIT's Don Sadoway.

  9. razony says:

    for a new home buyer how would this benefit me?
    for a small housing grid, 2+ more homes or small community? do i even need to be on the grid? Using a large solar array for 2+ more homes or small community? (no grid)

  10. Ken S says:

    Can any of these people start a sentence without "so"?

  11. Solar for Green says:

    2016 mid = no billion …

  12. cinema writer says:

    Chevy Volts ? I think he meant two Nissan Leafs or on TESLA ROADSTER.

  13. Caldermologist says:

    Why this insane fixation with hardware for storing energy? There are smaller systems that will do the same thing on at least the same scale with minimal use of resources. But it does require water.

  14. MakeMeThinkAgain says:

    How long can the flywheels store a charge? What's the loss rate? In California they're using a system that moves a heavy weight up a slope and then generates power when it slides down. It takes up more space but it can hold a charge indefinitely.

  15. noorijanze says:

    I used to sleep late night but since i have realized how much energy i can save to start my day early and sleep early , I have started to do my most of work before sunset ,

  16. Yanny says:

    Very interesting coverage – thanks for posting!

  17. egn83b says:

    Nothing is free in green power generation its a huge money making opportunity for those who make power equipment and those who hold the patients to all this green. As humans we take from the environment which gives us what we have for free and charge our friends numbers to use it. I just dont understand the going green thing it don't make sense other then clean power.

  18. suzi turner says:

    Alternative Energy

  19. Internet Opportunities Unlimited says:

    Great stuff! Nice work. The public really needs to see more of this. Have you heard anything about a new system called Optimal Future Energy Deployment (it should be on Google)? I’ve heard some interesting things about it and my brother got some amazing results. I’ve also been searching for solutions to the problem of wind turbines killing birds and bats. Ultrasonic acoustics looks like a possible answer to saving bats, but I haven’t read anything lately about the best way to keep birds away from wind turbines. Have you heard anything?

  20. BeeRich33 says:

    Both fail.  Why isn't anybody thinking?  

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